In the Art Rags


Rollo Press is continuing the slowest book swap in the world.

The often-thrilling little outfit has been playing around lately with Linus Bill, a photographer who has taken to silkscreening because, he tells Interview, “Until I made those silkscreens, I was never satisfied with how my work looked as prints….With the silkscreens, you really work with color. It’s dirty and there’s mistakes that sometimes look better than what you planned.” Diane Barcelowsky tells Nylon that “anything that makes you think and is full of emotion and passion is art.” So, passion that looks better than what you planned: that is the goal.

Foam is finally putting issues online; the new one, #22, is all about peeping, and includes and new work by Michael Wolf and Evan Baden, who’s new work is about teenage girls’ online fantasies. Kiki Smith’s Sojourn, at the Brooklyn Museum, uses material that “shines with a subtle sheen the color of soy milk.” For Artforum, Harmony Korine recalls “elderly peeping toms who lived down the street in what I assumed was a makeshift nursing home.”

Have you seen the “psychedelic” Picasso? What do you know about the Death of Death?

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