Thomas Campbell is a self-described stuff maker, creating clean sloping lines and eccentricities through mostly any medium. The Gregory Lind Gallery recently held his exhibition, which housed bronze sculptures, paintings on wood, gourds, paper and canvas. He paints, sprays and sews his creations together into a telltale study of color. Campbell also makes surf films that bark inspiration from whatever he finds along the way. Ummm, was all he said.

The sea gives artists what they need. Serena Mitnik-Miller also learns from it as she guides curves and simplicities through her work. Blues, Greens, and anything seaworthy are tied into her painting, printing and photography. You can find her near water.

Zach Koehn is a student in the bay area studying Eastern and Western Philosophy as well as poetry and prose literature. When not studying, he reads for fun and draws bad charcoal drawings and drives up and down highway one and the one'o'one. He hopes one day to find inspiration in everything, and realizes such an earnest statement to be cliche but he'll just keep driving anyway. More from this author →