The Rumpus Book Club: Blogging Citrus County #4


Join The Rumpus Book Club today to receive our second selection, Doug Dorst’s  The Surf Guru.


Just a quick post today. Such a vigorous discussion about the book as a whole has been going on at our previous post (15 comments and counting), that I think it may well be a little superfluous for me to say much about it here at this point. (We’re still learning here!) So if you’ve been meaning to chime in, please do so here.  For background, you might want to see Post #1 and #2, and be sure to have a look at John Francisconi’s thoughts on Part III. If you’re in the club, you should have received an email with details about the author discussion, which is in just a couple of days. If you haven’t received that email, let us know.

See you at the discussion!

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