Renaissance Amateur


“He has painted over 2,500 works and is a published novelist and poet. Billy Childish is creativity personified.”

Billy Childish has the punk teenage heart of a fifty-year old. He spurns professionalism by embracing amateurism. The choice to remain amateur gives his creative life clear and simple meaning. Rather than focusing on a quota, he focuses on creativity itself. And created he has, as a prolific painter, poet, novelist, photographer, filmmaker and musician. Here’s an older, but no less interesting, article on how he does it.

Zach Koehn is a student in the bay area studying Eastern and Western Philosophy as well as poetry and prose literature. When not studying, he reads for fun and draws bad charcoal drawings and drives up and down highway one and the one'o'one. He hopes one day to find inspiration in everything, and realizes such an earnest statement to be cliche but he'll just keep driving anyway. More from this author →