The Collins Almanac is Back!


Friend of the Rumpus and all around cool guy Paul Collins has revived the Collins Almanac on the McSweeney’s iPhone app:

“After six years of slumber (I prefer to call it “deep cogitation”) the Almanac is back as an exclusive on the McSweeney’s iPhone App. It is, exactly as you’d imagine, basically me puttering about old and odd books, picking them up, and exclaiming: “What! Ho-ho! Listen to this!”

It all began back when I was living in Hay-on-Wye, and scribbling odd finds into a memo pad while I shoveled the book piles in Richard Booth’s antiquarian warehouse; and it started turning into a full-fledged manuscript while writing Sixpence House. In short, the Almanac is that book’s eccentric bespectacled uncle.”

Jeremy Hatch is a writer, musician, and professional bookseller leading a cheerful, aimless life in San Francisco. He is the Junior Literary Editor of the Rumpus and has a blog which he updates once in a while. More from this author →