DIY Publishing & Marketing Seminar In San Francisco


On August 23rd, 826 Valencia in San Francisco is hosting their second Adult Writers’ Seminar from 7-9 pm. This seminar focuses on DIY Publishing and Marketing.

The panelists are a full slate of Rumpus-friendly folk: our own Stephen Elliott, Steve Almond, and Chelsea Martin (author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever). The evening will be moderated by Oscar Villalon. From the flyer:

“The panelists will discuss all things related to do-it-yourself publishing and marketing, including but not limited to life with and without a literary agent, promoting your own writing, and the way new media and changes in the publishing industry can affect the ways you sell and publish your work.”

This is a benefit seminar, and your ticket cost of $50 will directly support the programming at 826 Valencia, which is all about helping kids learn to write.

For further details and to reserve a ticket, visit the tickets page or call Margaret at 415.642.5905 ex210

Jeremy Hatch is a writer, musician, and professional bookseller leading a cheerful, aimless life in San Francisco. He is the Junior Literary Editor of the Rumpus and has a blog which he updates once in a while. More from this author →