I Will Blurb Any Book Within 24 Hours! #6


Tired of waiting weeks or even MONTHS for back-cover endorsements from recognizable authors? I, Mickey Hess, will blurb any book – that’s right, ANY book – within 24 hours! Just look at these satisfied customers:

Todd Dills’ Triumph of the Ape: “I met Todd Dills some years ago at a cult-hero party fueled by drink and ethical drugs. He was anonymously disturbing, and was adjective-impaired, for a literary icon. In retrospect, he was wearing a fictional suit. He catapulted pretty much everyone, tossing people at the city like darts. People were afraid, all those years ago. And now Todd has written a book.” – Mickey Hess

Mel Bosworth’s Grease Stains, Kismet, and Maternal Wisdom: “It is a fictional novel, the kind of thing a young Hemingway would have pretended to write.” – Mickey Hess

Cole Drewes’ Hounds of Heaven: “After producing numerous books, snickering authors go home and start writing another book, maybe to pay their mortgage. Cole Drewes, in his well-regarded debut novel, describes people via fiction. And in the end, most of it isn’t true.” – Mickey Hess

Belinda Kroll’s Catching the Rose: “The line between fact and fiction is notoriously violent. Catching the Rose looks like fiction to me.” – Mickey Hess

There are plenty more where those came from, trust me! Authors, contact me today at [email protected] and LET’S GET BLURBING!!!

Mickey Hess is the author of Big Wheel at the Cracker Factory (Garrett County Press, 2008) and a new novel called The Nostalgia Echo that nobody seems to want to publish. Big Wheel was featured as “Critic’s Choice” in The Chicago Reader, described as “thoroughly humorous” by The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, and mentioned online at The New Yorker, Poets & Writers, and USA Today. Mickey's stories and essays have been published in Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans: Best of McSweeney’s Humor Category (Knopf, 2005), and such journals as The Literary Review, Hawaii Review, Fringe Fiction, Ninth Letter, Punk Planet, Fourteen Hills, Pear Noir, The Foundling Review, Opium Magazine, and Annalemma. Mickey is an Associate Professor of English at Rider University, and is also the author of three books about hip hop from Greenwood Press. More from this author →