A Special Message From
Steve Almond:


Dear Readers, Citizens, Freaks,

Like a lot of you, I’ve been frustrated the last two years. Despite winning the presidency and overwhelming majorities in both houses of congress, Democrats have failed to act boldly on issues ranging from climate change to immigration. They’ve been bullied by an aggrieved minority whose only sustained goals are lower taxes for the rich and deregulation. The media has ignored or miscast Obama’s achievements—health care reform, financial reform, saving us from plunging into a Depression—and become an echo chamber for the most hysterical voices on the right.

I realize how hard it is to get motivated in the midst of such disappointment. But the risk of inaction is obvious: if Republicans take back the House or Senate, not a single piece of humane legislation will pass in the next two years. Obama will become a lame duck President. Any hope of moral progress will end. And Sarah Palin waits in the wings. The more broken government becomes, the better her odds.

So here’s my pitch.

For anyone who orders a book from me before the election, I will donate 100 percent of the proceeds to MoveOn.org. Remember: the holidays are right around the corner. Giving someone a signed first edition (or two, or three!) is totally classy. And you’ll be helping the cause. The books are just $15 apiece.

  • The Evil B.B. Chow: Stories so sad and lovely they made Chuck Norris weep
  • Which Brings Me to You: Natalie Portman will star in the movie! I promise!
  • (Not that You Asked): Essays starring Oprah, Kurt Vonnegut, and my daughter.

Click here to send me your order. You can pay via check or Paypal ([email protected]). As soon as I receive your payment, I’ll ship off the books.

As a special offer, if you promise to do some volunteer work for a progressive candidate—or even something as simple as making calls for MoveOn.org—I’ll include a free CD from my collection. Really.

Onward, together, in hope,


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