Jury Duty


I just finished serving jury duty at the Van Nuys Superior Court. My case involved a man who was suing a stripper and strip club for a “fractured penis” injury he received while getting a nude lap dance. The stripper was from Sweden. The strip club owner was a retired porn star. There were many experts. Needless to say, this case was kind of awesome. As a member of the jury, I was given a pad and pen for note taking. The case lasted 7 days. Below are my diligent notes:

Chris Roth just moved back to Los Angeles after over a decade of living and working in NYC. Chris Roth is currently directing and animating commercials as well as creating traditional stained glass windows. Two of his paintings were recently included in the bi-annual special “200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 09/10” published by Lürzer’s ARCHIVE. Two of his commercials for WCBS have been nominated for Emmys. Chris once met Michael Jackson. More from this author →