Kerouac The Tragic Bro


“I first met Dean not long after Tryscha and I hooked up. I had just gotten over a wicked fucking hangover that I won’t bother to talk about, except that it had something to do with a six-foot-five douchebag and a beer bong. . .

This is all far back, when Dean was not the crazy fucking jagoff he is today, when he was a young Communications major shrouded in Axe Body Spray. Then news came that Dean was out of ASU and was transferring to OSU; also there was talk that he was bringing some slam piece named Marylou. . .”

It vaguely pains me to link to this, having once been a fan of On The Road (when in fact, Dr. Sax is vastly superior in my opinion) but the fact remains: this is a book for dudes, even quite possibly for bros.

Sure, it’s a cheap bit of satire but maybe instructive for those of us (myself included) with unspoken and tragically unquestioned bro-tendencies.

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