Come Away With Me


After the publication of Gomorrah, a journalistic and autobiographical work that focused on and infuriated Naples’ Camorra crime syndicate, author Roberto Saviano entered into 24 hour protective surveillance and a life of restricted freedom.

In his new politically charged television show, Vieni Via Con Me (Come Away With Me), Saviano has included anti-Berlusconi monologues by Italian comic Roberto Benigni and condemned the defamation of the personal lives of politicians. The television series holds an unprecedented audience of 2 million viewers for the RAI 3 state broadcast channel, demonstrating a new growing interest for youth in the political arena. In conversation with The Financial Times John Lloyd, Saviano elaborates on both his book and new television show over sea bass and risotto at an undisclosed location.

Nina Moog is a writer and director of photography based in Germany. She holds an MA from the University of St. Andrews and an MSc from the University of Oxford, where her thesis focused on photographic representations of prisons. More from this author →