Uurits 1909


01 Aleksander Uurits, Kompositsioon (Unenägu), 1909
Aleksander Uurits, Kompositsioon (Unenägu), 1909

02 Aleksander Uurits, Nalg, 1909
Aleksander Uurits, Nalg, 1909

03 Aleksander Uurits, Allegooriline joonistus, n.d
Aleksander Uurits, Allegooriline joonistus, n.d

Three works by Aleksander Uurits (1888 – 1918), found in an Estonian image database.

I haven’t found any real information on Uurits in English, though this is interesting:

The first signs of ‘national’ graphic design [in Estonia] were evident in the 1910s, during the period of late Jugendstil, when the geometric stylisation of ornaments became equal to the peasant-style woodcutting or burning technique. It was Jugendstil, inspired by the works of the Viennese Secession figures Gustav Klimt, Koloman Moser and Alfred Roller, although it never quite reached their level of mastery. In the field of book design, the first group of professionally educated Estonian artists (Kristjan Raud, Nikolai Triik, Oskar Kallis, Aleksander Uurits, Ado Vabbe etc) were active.


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