Mary Roach Talks Coca-Cola and Writing Habits


“I love that discussion about Coca-Cola spending $450,000 to have Coke in space because carbonation is not lighter up there. Everything weighs the same. The gas stays in the middle, it doesn’t rise to the top, so they spent $450,000 making carbonation work in space so they could say, ‘Official Carbonated Beverage of the International Space Station.’

And then they realized that in the human stomach, if gas doesn’t rise to the top of the stomach, you can’t burp it out. So your stomach expands, you feel uncomfortable, you finally burp it out, and get a liquid spray. So nobody wanted to drink this very expensive Coca-Cola. They have this huge technology and then you’re undone by a simple fact.”

A fantastic interview with author Mary Roach (Stiff, Bonk, Spook, and Packing For Mars) at The Morning News.

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