476 Tracks for Your Electronic Pleasure


Caio Barros, a Brazilian student at the State University of São Paulo, has uploaded an astounding collection of nearly 500 tracks of electronic music from 1937-2001.  These tracks, from a 62 CD set called “The History of Electroacoustic Music,” were floating around as on the web as a torrent that seems to have been lost.

However, UbuWeb has made these tracks available once again for our auditory pleasure.  The disclaimer:

“It’s a clearly flawed selection: there’s few women and almost no one working outside of the Western tradition (where are the Japanese? Chinese? etc.). However, as an effort, it’s admirable and contains a ton of great stuff.

Take it with a grain of salt, or perhaps use it as a provocation to curate a more intelligent, inclusive, and comprehensive selection.”

You can listen to all 476 tracks right here. Enjoy!

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