Shepard Fairey in Copenhagen


Street artist Shepard Fairey is perpetually towing the line between adoration/acceptance and hostility. Street art is anarchic and contentious in that way. He recently experienced the hostile side of this dichotomy in Copenhagen, when he was attacked following the after-party for his “Duality of Humanity,” art show. He offered his ruminations on the circumstances of the incident, being a traveling street artist from the US and the contentious nature of punk culture and street are.

“I should mention, that being a street artist, I am very well aware of the contentious nature of the street art/graffiti world. I think street art is one of the most democratic, accessible, empowering, and inspiring art forms there is. To be a street artist you don’t need permission, just courage and motivation. Street art also is an outlet for the most competitive, frustrated, anarchic, and sometimes, downright barbarically hostile people. These traits may be prominent in the street art/graff community, but certainly are not relegated to it.”

(via @openculture)

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