Kashmir Festival Over Before it Starts


Kashmir was supposed to hold its very first literary festival at the end of September, but preempting violence from organizers and growing fears have unfortunately postponed the event.

Salman Rushdie occupies contentious author-space overseas. His novel, The Satanic Verses was banned over in India. The rumors suggesting he was going to speak at the Kashmir literary festival incited people to call for a boycott of the festival. In addition to the Rushdie controversy, 200+ people who signed an open letter that delineated all the fears related to the impending event.

“…organisers said yesterday that ‘if those opposing the festival truly believed in free speech, they would have allowed this forum to go ahead and would come and express their dissent at the festival.’ They added that they hoped to ‘re-energise’ the festival at a future date, “when calmer sense prevails, and we are confidently able to provide a sense of security to our speakers and guests.’”

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