Should We Fight to Save the Indie Bookstore? (Yes).


Book Bench blogger, Macy Halford is lamenting the downfall of the indie bookstore. Much like the decimation of the video store, there’s a bunch of romance and nostalgia tied up with these places. But does that warrant all the talk of impending doom? And how can we predict what changes are to come? Halford riffs on both sides of the indie bookstore story.

“And since we haven’t entirely killed the bookstore yet, I would like us not to. Going into bookstores to browse, to attend readings, to interact with the staff, to see the selection they’ve curated—all these things excite me and entice me to read… Still, my colleague has a point: chaos and destruction are a part of life, and their consequences, impossible to foretell, are not always negative. St. Marks books hasn’t always sat on the corner of Third and Stuyvesant, after all; it sprouted up amid the ruins of thousands of other bookstores that once graced the city.”

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