Fall’s Rumpus Book Club Selections


The Rumpus Book Club is proudly presenting Zipper Mouth, Laurie Weeks’s debut novel as our October pick. Published by the Feminist Press, it tells the story of a New York junkie, along with the “exalted night-club epiphanies” and “devastating morning-after hangovers.” And the book comes with a ringing endorsement from Michelle Tea. An excerpt was published in Dave Eggers’s The Best American Nonrequired Reading.

We are doubling your literary thrills with one more autumnal announcement; November’s Book Club selection is Love and Shame and Love (Little, Brown), a novel by Peter Orner (whose column you can follow here on the Rumpus). Orner traverses three generations of the Popper family, through which he considers the intricate realties of the American family.  The esteemed and hilarious Daniel Handler called it “epic like Gilgamesh and epic like a guitar solo,” which is both apt and all-encompassing praise.

Thus the next two months of the Rumpus Book Club are guaranteed to provide you with enough sustained excitement to combat any Rumpus Book Club ambivalence. As a club member you can reap some awesome small-press literary benefits like these. For $25 a month, you get a book that has yet to be released—a book that comes with an online chat with the author and opportunities to review the book on the Rumpus.

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