This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Rumpus!


We are proud to announce the arrival of two THREE new Rumpus mugs, and two money-saving deals!

Everyone got so excited about our two new Rumpus mugs that we decided to make one more: “Hugs Are Analog.”

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But that’s not all. We are excited to announce two money-saving deals just in time for the holiday season!

The first is the Dear Sugar Coffee Mug Two Pack! Both of your favorite Sugar mugs (WLAMF and Be Brave), for only $23:

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Still not enough mug for you? The second deal is The Rumpus Coffee Mug Four Pack! All four of our Rumpus mugs (WLAMF, Be Brave, Rumpus Quotes, and Hugs are Analog) for only $40:

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For more products, and more ways to support the site, please check out The Rumpus Shop.


A special thanks to Walter Green and Nancy Smith, who designed our new mugs and are all-around wonderful human beings.