An Occupy Wall Street Roundup


Latest from the American Occupation of America:

The Oakland Occupation is the hot front in the struggle against Corporate Exploitation: an attack by the police that injured Iraq vet Scott Olson led to a general strike and a large and successful march that closed the Port of Oakland. It was followed by a small destructive spree, and now a second Iraq vet has a lacerated spleen after being beaten by police batons.

Perhaps after this, more Americans will have an opinion on the movement?

Occupiers in cities across America are co-habitating with homeless people and working to make these ad-hoc communities safe for everyone.

The Atlanta Occupation has taken the issue a step further by moving the protest to a homeless shelter.

And the Des Moines Occupation wants Occupiers from the other 49 states to converge here in Iowa for the Republican Caucuses.

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