Blueprints of the Afterlife Sneak Peek


The January 3rd release date for Rumpus columnist Ryan Boudinot’s Blueprints of the Afterlife is fast approaching. i09 interviewed Boudinot about the post apocalyptic novel a while back, and now they have previewed an entire chapter. Here’s a snippet:

“An iron stairwell led to a basement. The stairs opened into a dim, low-ceilinged space that smelled of opium smoke and industrial-grade lubricants. A soldier elbowed past them on his way out, zipping his fly. The 83rd turned on their beams and swept the floor with light. The room appeared littered with dissected mannequins. An arm crawled out of their way and hid under a sofa as they advanced. They followed the sound of sex groans to a curtained alcove.”

Lisa Dusenbery is the former managing editor of The Rumpus. More from this author →