Aural Fixations, The Rumpus Mixtape #7: Revelry


Revelry. A raw expression of joy. Delight. It’s loud, laughing, possibly bawdy, frequently boozy. It’s unexpected, a height you can’t plan.  It’s sparkly, warm, merry.  It’s one more drink, a round for the whole table, thank you very much.  It’s laughing at the past, celebrating the riches of right now, it’s in the moment. It’s tonight’s friends, the band on stage right now, today’s acceptance letter, no worries about the piles of laundry and bills and cranky bosses that will meet you tomorrow. Manufactured grace.  Easy light.  It might be fleeting, but it’s here now.  Savor.  To do:  pop another bite into your mouth, take another sip, stay in bed a little longer, have sex one more time, laugh louder, strike up the band.


“Strange Angels”

Laurie Anderson

Strange Angels


“You Yes You”




“Last Night”

The Strokes

Is This It?


“Orange Crush”




“Here’s Where the Story Ends”

The Sundays

Reading, Writing & Arithmetic


“7 Stars”

The Apples In Stereo

New Magnetic Wonder



The Breeders

Rhino Hi-Five: Modern Rock Blender – EP


“Love In My Pocket”


Bring On the Comets


“Mr. Big Stuff”

Jean Knight

Mr. Big Stuff



Das Racist



“Road to Nowhere”

Talking Heads

Little Creatures (Remastered)


“A Sunday Smile”


The Flying Club Cup


“When the Saints Go Marching In” (Live)

Mahalia Jackson

The Essential Mahalia Jackson



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