Aural Fixations, The Rumpus Mixtape #12: Hungover After A Bad Date



All good dates are alike; all bad dates are bad in their own way. There’s the guy who sets your hair on fire while trying to go all Cary Grant and light your cigarette, there’s the woman who says she doesn’t like people who wear anything colored green. There’s the woman who gets drunk and throws up in your bed on the quilt your grandma made you. There’s the man who, on a first date, says, “I had sex earlier tonight with a hottie, but I’m ready to hit it again if you’re game.” There is the date who spends the whole night talking about his ex, and then says, “I still have her clothes in the closet, maybe you’d like to try them on sometime?”  Sometimes a good date turns bad; sometimes a date that you manscaped for turns into a “We’d be better off as friends” kinda night.

For every type of bad date, there is a cocktail to wash away the agony. At home, late, after the misery ends, or in some cases, getting drunk while the date is underway is a perfectly reasonable strategy. I once spent a lovely evening with a miserable patent attorney who talked about his money for four hours. It didn’t matter – by the time we were finished with the evening I’d had a bottle of the greatest red wine I’ve ever had. A hangover the morning (or afternoon) after a bad date is a special kind of hell, though. The date was awful AND now the room is spinning, you need to puke, your tongue feels like sandpaper, your head is pounding like the drum kit in a jam band and your stomach hates you. Life isn’t fair and bad dates happen (and happen and happen). So, listen to this mix while you recover and swear off men/women and booze forever…it (and lots of water) will cure what ails you.


“Wish You Were Here”


The Lost & Found


“Death of the Party”

Keene Brothers

Blues and Boogie Shoes




The Rolling Stones

Sticky Fingers (Remastered)


“How It Comes To This”

Beth Amsel

A Musical Compilation To Benefit Tsunami Survivors


“All I Can”

Sharon Van Etten



“License to Kill”

Elvis Costello

Chimes of Freedom – The Songs of Bob Dylan (Honoring 50 Years of Amnesty International)



The Middle East

The Recordings of the Middle East – EP


“There Stands the Glass”

Ted Hawkins

The Next Hundred Years


“You Will Be Loved Again”

Mary Margaret O’Hara

Miss America


“Imaginary Ships” (Live)

Big Head Todd & The Monsters

Live At the Fillmore


“Stormy Weather”

Judy Garland

Judy At Carnegie Hall (Remastered)

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