Eileen Myles on Inferno


CA Conrad and Eileen Myles have an extensive conversation over at BOMBLog. Topics include Myles’ new “poet’s novel” Inferno, how memory’s role differs in composing poetry versus fiction, and writing as a woman or queer. Plus much more.

“…When you admit the presence of a choosing, intervening mind in your writing, if the writing itself lurches a little, stops and starts at irregular intervals, and if in that same time you also look at something ugly or sad for too long—be it femaleness or queerness or age, or poverty—well, people will very likely have to put your book down and you with it. That was something a lot of people embraced when they started out—the looming possibility of disaster or obscurity.”

Lisa Dusenbery is the former managing editor of The Rumpus. More from this author →