Edith Pearlman Interview


Edith Pearlman’s interview over at The Millions is worth a gander whether your familiar with the author of recent collection, Binocular Vision, or just becoming acquainted. The interview includes ambling thoughts on Pearlman’s work and interests, and includes mention of Hermes typewriters, polar expeditions, gun collecting, Pearlman’s stylistic influences, and the task of literature.

“RB: You start out with a sense that there is a civilizing effect of thinking and writing and telling stories. It made life somehow better. And looking around today, it may be true but the contemplative life seems to be losing the battle.
EP: It improves the individual life, I think. People who read, people who write–
RB: Wouldn’t it be nice if they were to be salvation for all of us? (Laughs).
EP: I would, but I am not a proselytizer.”

You can read a Rumpus review of her short story collection here and visit her official website here.

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