FUNNY WOMEN #79: Books Outselling Mine in the Amazon Kindle Sales Rank


…on the day my book reaches its highest-ever ranking:

Angelo’s Journey: A Border Collie’s Quest for Home
By Angelo Dirks (Author and Border Collie)
Price: $2.99
Customer Review: “You’re taken on a ride by this black and white dog, and you want to know what happens. There are some interesting inclusions in the book, which I won’t give away, but I thought them innovative. Nice chapter headings. Well formatted.”

The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe
Price: $0.89
Customer Review: “I was excited to be able to get the complete works of Poe for just .89 cents – unfortunately you get what you pay for. How did the Lady Mary die in Metzengerstein? You don’t know – because the paragraphs aren’t there. Horribly disappointing, especially since I bought this edition for school.”

The Complete Works of Edgar Allen Poe (Illustrated)
Price: $2.99
Customer Review: “the spacing of the poems is great. it is worth the few dollars to get this one.”

Hot and Steamy: Sizzling Sex Stories
Price: 3.99
Customer Review: “Ohhh Yeeeah”

She Loves Her (A Lesbian Adventure Romance)
Price: $0.99
Customer Review: “she tells you about her sex stories on facebook, only to delete you. she’s using the name jane jilling on facebook. loser!”

DATING MY VIBRATOR (and other true fiction)
Price: $0.99
Customer Review: “It seems impossible that one woman has had such misfortune in the world of online dating, but Suzanne’s bad luck is our reading enjoyment.”

Edging Past Reality – a collection of short stories
Price: $0.00
Customer Review: “Don’t even try to imagine what leads an author to such a deranged imagination. But as a professional hypnotist, I have to warn you. Suggestion can be dangerous. The shaman points the hexed bone at someone’s face and they drop dead. Could it happen to you? Is your mind strong enough to resist the possibilities these stories suggest? Do you really think you can to repel the Fingerman strain of voodoo?”

Anna, Wake Up
Price: $0.99
Customer Review: “Just wasn’t that impressed with the book at all and it was extremely short.”

Christmas in High Heels (High Heels Mysteries)
Price: $0.99
Customer Review: “Save your money and buy a piece of gum.”

The Complete Works of Mark Twain
Price: $1.99
Customer Review: “I have a hard copy collection of Twain that I seldom used — because the thing is so bulky the pages have to be held open lest the book fan itself shut and lose my place. The Kindle experience with collections is FAR more pleasant.”


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Caitlin Horrocks is author of the story collection This Is Not Your City (Sarabande Books, 2011), which actually did better-than-anticipated in e-book. Her fiction appears in The New Yorker, Best American Short Stories, The PEN/O. Henry Prize Stories, and elsewhere. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and online at More from this author →