Bay Area Documentary Screenings


Two fascinating screenings coming up in the Bay Area:

First, Besa: The Promise, a documentary about the experiences of Jewish Albanians safeguarded by Muslims during World War II, presented alongside the modern journey of photographer Norman Gershman and Rexhap Hoxha, a Muslim-Albanian who must return a set of books lost during the holocaust.

Besa, directed by Rachel Goslins and scored by Philip Glass, will be screening at the San Francisco JCC July 29, Monday, July 30, at Cinearts in Palo Alto, and Monday, August 6, at the Piedmont Theater.

My Neighbourhood, a powerful account of joint Jewish-Muslim protest organized to save a Muslim neighborhood in Jerusalem from being evicted and resettled.

The film, co-directed by Reekkah Wingert-Jabi and Julia Bacha, is screening in Berkeley at the Roda Theater on Wednesday, August 1.

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