The Blue Velvet Project


This Friday, Filmmaker will conclude “The Blue Velvet Project,” a year-long endeavor helmed by Rumpus columnist Nicholas Rombes.

Published three times a week, the project is an ambitious feat: for every 47 seconds of film, Rombes analyzes a frame from David Lynch’s neo-noir classic, and delves into the psychological, cultural, and historical implications present in Lynch’s oft-surreal cinematic landscape.

Though shot composition and Rombes are no strangers—you may know him from his “10/40/70” series here at The Rumpus—his decision to critically deconstruct Blue Velvet has been informed by both ideas of constraint and technological evolution. From the introduction to the project:

“The goal is to move through this seminal film in the equivalent of digital slow motion, using the technologies of our hyper-speed era against themselves to rediscover the photographic beauty, lost meanings, and ideological fault lines in the frames of Blue Velvet.”

For further reading, “The Blue Velvet Project” received a write-up this month at A Piece of Monologue, and was also featured over at HiLoBrow shortly after its debut.


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