A Rumpus Book Club Update


Rumpus Book Club members this month have been devouring Emma Straub’s Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, and we’ll be chatting with Straub about her book this Wednesday night. Poetry Book Club members have been all over Mary Jo Bang’s new translation of Dante’s Inferno, and we’ll be chatting with her on Thursday.

But what’s coming up next for the book clubs? Follow me below the fold and find out.

For the month of September, the Rumpus Book Club will be reading Kathleen Alcott’s The Dangers of Proximal Alphabets, which Emma Straub (August’s author!) writes is “a novel as fugue state between childhood obsessions and adult behaviors. It exists in the gaps between memory and hope, between love and obligation. Reading it, you will at once be sixteen again, drinking a beer somewhere you shouldn’t, sure that the entire world lives inside your heart, beating three times as fast as it should.”

Meanwhile, members of the Rumpus Poetry Book Club will be reading Eva Saulitis’s Many Ways to Say It, about which poet Hilda Raz writes ” These poems are miraculous songs of grief and pressure. They refuse to let the reader (listener) turn away. We can’t refuse to hear the poet’s ”many ways of saying” that life comes and comes and comes, no matter what the cost. A wonderful book.”

There’s still time to join and get in on the first mailing of our September books. Click here to find out how.

Brian Spears is Senior Poetry Editor of The Rumpus and the author of A Witness in Exile (Louisiana Literature Press, 2011). His poem “Upon Reading That Andromeda Will One Day Devour Triangulum and Come For Us Next” was featured in Season 9 of Motion Poems. More from this author →