Nick Cave Monday #3: “Shivers” To “Junkyard”


A Quick Video Evolution of Nick Cave from 1979 – 1982.

From 1979, here is Nick Cave with the band Boys Next Door. We’re bringing you three Nick Cave videos this week to show you what could have happened and what did happen. Here is “Shivers.”

What a cute new romantic band from Australia. They’re like what The Cure would become a few years later. Hold the press. What? That cute singer does drugs? He gets bloody and violent during live shows? But, he’s so sensitive and precious.

Nick and the band kicked it up a notch and by 1981 they were known as The Birthday Party. Here is “Nick The Stripper.”

Their shows were known for their violence and crazy shenanigans from Nick.

The blindfolded guitarist is Mick Harvey, Nick’s longest enduring music companion from high school to the Boys Next Door, and finally forming Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

But wait, there’s more. After checking out the video for “Junkyard” from 1982 below, you may have to change your underwear.

Again, Mick Harvey on guitar as well as the late Rowland S. Howard. Mick Harvey released some excellent solo records over the years as well as working with many other bands while still a member of The Bad Seeds. He left The Bad Seeds in 2009, not in the best of terms. Thirty-six years as collaborators, Nick Cave and Mick Harvey outlasted most marriages.

When I interviewed Nick a few months after Mick Harvey’s departure, we got to talking about Mick Harvey and I said how much I really liked his solo stuff.

“Well, he has a lot more time to work on that now,” Nick Cave said with a smirk.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned next week for another Nick Cave Monday.

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