Nick Cave Monday #14: “Wild World”


There’s a soundtrack for when I’m about to fall in love with a girl. That precious gap of time between getting to know each other physically and mentally before diving in the pool of vulnerability and embracing love and commitment.

Laying in bed, talking, cuddling, kissing, ravishing.

There are crates of records around my apartment and the album “The Bad Seed”, by The Birthday Party tends to get a spin on the turntable next to my bed when I have entered that beautiful space between … this something?…. to …..yes, we are something…..

The second track “Wild World” is where the needle gets dropped on the record.

Here is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds performing the song:

“Our bodies melt together, we are one.”

Sexy as hell, right?

That was 2003, let’s back up 20 years to 1983. Here is The Birthday Party performing the song:

The Birthday Party, Tracey Pew on bass, Mick Harvey on drums and Rowland S. Howard with the haunting guitar.

One night Rowland joined The Bad Seeds in 1992 for a petit reunion of sorts of The Birthday Party. “Wild World” is the first song. Listen to the crowd go nuts when Nick introduces Rowland:

Here’s a pretty cool video with interviews of Rowland, Mick, Nick and Barry Adamson from a documentary on Rowland S. Howard:

In another interview, Nick discusses how they thought London was going to be an amazing music scene, and when they got there it was more like being gang banged by a bunch of marshmallows.

“Hold me up baby for I may fall, hold my dish-rag body tall.”

How can you not fuck and fall in love to that?

Thanks for reading and come back next week for Nick Cave Monday.

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