ALBUM #1, Audio Portraits of Artists and Writers at Work: Stephanie Tamez


I came to The Rumpus with a proposal to produce a series of audio portraits of folks who are engaged in creative work. My plan was this: no sterile recording studios, no superficial interview questions, and no post-production gimmicks. Just an authentic conversation with an artist or writer about her creative process and the evolution of her work. The result is “ALBUM: Portraits of Artists and Writers at Work.”

First up is Stephanie Tamez, one of New York’s most sought after tattoo artists. Tamez’s eclectic style, which is rooted in Old World art, has attracted the attention of A-list clients from rock stars to novelists. Her incredible font and text work, which draws on her background in graphic design, has been featured in two books on typographical tattoos. We recently had a chance to meet at Saved Tattoo, the bustling shop Tamez co-owns with Scott Campbell, and in her private art studio, where she’s been painting and exploring new modes of self-expression.


Stephanie Tamez, Tattoo Artist & Painter
Listen to the profile by clicking on the play button below. iPad/iPhone users click here.


Saved Tattoo

Tamez’s first tattoo

<em>Virgin Mary, back piece</em>

Virgin Mary, back piece



Photographs by Allyson McCabe, except for “Virgin Mary, back piece,” courtesy of Stephanie Tamez.

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