The Become Ted Wilson Contest!


Have you ever wondered who Ted Wilson is? What his day is like? Who he talks to? What he eats for dinner? What he looks like in a bathing suit?

Well, you can know everything about him when you become him for a day!

Each month, Ted spends one day as someone else. That means that for that 24 hour period, no one is Ted Wilson. But someone could be, and that someone could be you.

Of all the things in the world that Ted has reviewed, one of the things he’s been reluctant to review is himself. Write a review of Ted and email it to him at [email protected]. One lucky winner will be selected for this life-changing event!

Entries must be received by April 1st, 2013.

Temporary Ted will receive a Ted disguise kit which includes:

1. A downloadable, printable, and wearable Ted mask.
2. A printable copy of Ted’s Disneyland’s Magic Kingdom membership card.
3. An outgoing voicemail message recorded by Ted himself!

Best of all, your review of Ted will be published on The Rumpus as part of Ted’s weekly column!

DISCLAIMER: As Ted, the winner must promise not to sully Ted’s name or kill his or her self. If Ted is going to die, it won’t be by his own hand.