Joshua Mohr on Recklessness


Joshua Mohr, novelist and San Francisco resident, sits down with HTML Giant’s Weston Cutter to discuss craft, and his newest novel, Fight Song, in this brilliant interview:

As artists, evolution is important. Learning and growing is important. I want to have the kind of career where I give myself permission to explore all kinds of aesthetics and styles. I want to keep myself off kilter, off balance, almost falling flat on my face with every subsequent book. That’s the kind of thing as authors we can wear as badges of honor: Push ourselves to attempt things that might lead to public humiliation. And you’re going to misstep along the way. We all are. It’s inevitable. The question is what we do about those missteps. Do we get stodgy, safe, conservative?  Or do we say fuck you! and keep being reckless on the page?  I hope that we all go the route of the latter.

Tony DeGenaro is an MFA candidate at the University of San Francisco. His poetry has been seen in Rusted Radishes, Quiz & Quill, and his chapbook, “Drink From the Ohio River,” was published at Otterbein University. He is an Ohio native and not afraid to show it. Tony is also a prolific blogger and twitter-er. More from this author →