The Rumpus National Poetry Month Project 2013


Welcome to the Rumpus National Poetry Month Project! This is the fifth time in a row we’ve celebrated April with a previously unpublished poem a day. We’ll update this post each day with a link to that day’s poem. Enjoy!

April 1: “To Find Stars In Another Language” by Elizabeth Bradfield

April 2: “To Mercury, In Retrograde” by Randall Mann

April 3: “To Biespiel From United Flight 1037” by David Biespiel

April 4: “Sawed-Through Link” by Marilyn Nelson

April 5: “Tar Baby” by Amaud Jamaul Johnson

April 6: “Swim Lesson No. 3” by Wendy Willis

April 7: “Cafe Space” by James Hoch

April 8: “The American Dream Visits While I Clean” by Julie Brooks Barbour

April 9: “Stone Cold Jane” by Cornelius Eady

April 10: “Seven Confessions: A Chapbook” by Julie Sheehan

April 11: “Billy Divine” by Adam McGovern

April 12: “Feast Day” by Rita Mae Reese

April 13: “Ghosts” by Brachah Goykadosh

April 14: “Sober Lullaby” by Matthew Henriksen

April 15: “The Plagiarist” by Nicky Beer

April 16: “Darth Vader, King Laios (Fill Out Their Applications as, Across the Lobby, Genghis Khan’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” Ringtone Plays): Fathers of the Year” by Douglas Kearney

April 17: “Brandon Bryant: MQ1 Predator Sensor Operator” by Jill McDonough

April 18: “b my apocalypse” by Laura Zaylea

April 19: “The Sturdiness” by Sina Queyras

April 20: “Ruminations on cud from five of my fullest stomachs” by Matt Mauch

April 21: “Letters from Saint Francis” by Joshua Heineman

April 22: “Detonator” by Joyelle McSweeney

April 23:“Postcard to Regret” by Sean Hill

April 24: “Brother” by Melissa Broder

April 25: “Inner Flamingo” by Sandra Beasley

April 26: “but she wasn’t from my south” by Randall Horton

April 27: “Aubade With Mosquito Bites” by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

April 28: “Telephone Pole” by Hadara Bar-Nadav

April 29: “The Qiana Shirt by Emilio Pucci” by Qiana Towns

April 30: “The Museum of Flight” by Kazim Ali

April 31: “loose strife” by Amy Quan Barry

April 32: “Some Philosophies of Orbit” by Wesley Rothman

April 33: “__________studio practice with italicized Michael Ondaatje quote” by Khadijah Queen

April 34: “Newborn” by Deborah Ager

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