Make/Work Episode 5: Emily Chenoweth and Jon Raymond


Episode 5 of Make/Work is the first of a sub-series where host Scott Pinkmountain interviews couples in which both partners are artists, addressing some of the unique issues that may arise in those relationships.

This week, Scott speaks with Emily Chenoweth and Jon Raymond. Chenoweth is the author of the novel Hello Goodbye, which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. She’s also a highly prolific ghostwriter. Jon Raymond has written The Half-Life, Rain Dragon, and the short story collection, Livability. His screenwriting credits include Wendy and Lucy, Meek’s Cutoff, the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce, and several other films.

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“I swear to god, if I didn’t have to figure out what was for dinner every night, I could write another novel…Somehow it’s this terrible existential crisis everyday at 4pm.” —Chenoweth

Chenoweth and Raymond

There have been times very recently where I was walking past a bank and saw a bunch of people sitting in their cubicles and was just consumed with jealousy and was just like, “Oh my god, if I only knew where I was supposed to go…” —Raymond

Every creative laborer has a different story to tell about how they negotiate their relationship between their creative work and their paycheck and how they balance their lives to sustain their creative practice. In Make/Work, Scott will speak with emerging and established artists working in a wide range of creative mediums about how they survive, how they make a living, and how they maintain their work over the long term. New episodes will be released every other Thursday.

Scott Pinkmountain is a writer and musician living in California. He is the creator and host of The History Channeler comedy podcast and has written for This American Life, A Public Space, HTMLGIANT, and other publications. He has also released dozens of albums of both instrumental music and songs including the recent No Country Music. He can be found at More from this author →