Make/Work Episode 10: John Colpitts


In Episode 10 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain talks with drummer/composer John Colpitts, aka Kid Millions. Colpitts is a founding member of the band Oneida, but he’s toured and recorded with tons of bands including Yo La Tengo, Spiritualized, Akron/Family, Marnie Stern, The Boredoms, and the Rumpus’s own Rick Moody. More recently, he’s focused on his solo percussion project, Man Forever. Man Forever is currently on tour, and the new album, Ryonen, which is a collaboration with the So Percussion ensemble, comes out this month on Thrill Jockey.

When Scott caught up with him, Colpitts had just finally quit his day job after more than 15 years as a professional musician.

It’s so funny. When I fucking quit [my day job] this guy in the office was like, “Man, when Monday comes around you’re going to be so psyched. You’re going to be sleeping in.” I was like, “Fuck you. I’m going to be up earlier.”

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Man Forever – Surface Patterns from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

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