The Rumpus Interview with Enver Gjokaj


You may know Enver from one of his most prominent roles on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, but you may also have seen him discussing the world’s housing economy on Bloomberg. Except that wasn’t him. With an identical twin brother, a name that looks like a poorly constructed anagram, and an amazing talent for embodying different personas, there are a lot of reasons to believe Enver Gjokaj is not a real person. I’m still not certain he is, because he requested to be interviewed via


Ted: Hi Enver! I would really really like to interview you! Can you please put me in touch with your agent, manager, or guardian?

Enver: How would you feel about doing the interview here on Twitter?

Ted: It would be challenging, but I enjoy a challenge. Shall I begin?

Enver: Shoot.

Ted: With your chameleon-like abilities, I find it hard to believe you are a real person and not computer generated. Do you exist?

Enver: 11100101100110101—sorry—I mean, yes, human. Last time I checked.

Ted: If you do exist, how do you explain the fact that there are two of you? Are you going to claim he is your “twin?”

Enver: No he’s a terrible impostor. And I’m tired of it. You’ve been warned, twin, I’m coming for you. There can be only one…

Enver's "twin" literally stabbing him in the back.

Enver’s “twin” literally stabbing him in the back. Or vice versa.

Ted: Impostors are the worst. Do you think this is how the Baldwin brothers feel when they look at each other?

Enver: I do feel it’s time for a Baldwin brothers death match. It’s high time we determined the best Baldwin once and for all.

Ted: Has there really been any doubt? It’s clearly Ron Baldwin, a camera operator on Dollhouse. Isn’t he the best in your mind?

Enver: Sorry Ron, the rules are clear. The deathmatch is the true decider. Start working out now…

Ted: If Ron wins the deathmatch and then you defeat him, would you become the best Baldwin brother? I’m not clear on how these work.

Enver: Haha. Awesome. Come at me, bro.

Ted: You’ve never played a Baldwin, but you did play a young De Niro. How did you balance between mimicry and cartoonish impression?

Enver: I tried to not play it at all. They put a HUGE fake mole on my face. It kept falling off. Very distracting.

Ted: Did you consider growing a real mole? It would have proven your commitment to the role and saved the costume department money.

Enver: [It was made] from some goop they had lying around. It was awful, wouldn’t stay on. Looked cancerous honestly.

Ted: I’m glad it didn’t fall off and land in your mouth! Is that the most distracting thing to happen to you during a performance?

Enver: Fran is the most distracting to work with. When he starts to break it’s over.

Ted: You worked with so many people who sound fake: Fran Kranz, Eliza Dushku, Tahmoh Penikett, and Dichen Lachman. Are they real?

Enver: Certainly hope so. Otherwise I’ve got no friends.

Ted: If they aren’t real, I’d love to be your friend! Do you get a lot of fans who want to meet with you, and have you ever met any fans who didn’t understand personal boundaries?

Enver: Fans have been awesome, no problems to date. In my experience it’s people within the industry who have a politeness problem.

Ted: Oh snap, as the kids at the bus stop say! What actor has been the biggest influence on your own acting?

Enver: Gene Hackman: unmistakably original yet able to blend into any style of film, any character. He always serves the script.

Ted: Excellent choice! Did you prefer him in The Conversation, The Royal Tenenbaums, or Superman IV: The Quest for Peace?

Enver: All of the above. It’s that range that speaks volumes.

Ted: Last question: What is your hope for yourself for the future? And am I a part of it? And if not, that’s okay. No hard feelings.

Enver: As many friends as I can make, as much family as I can take, as much money as I need to to do the above.

Enver opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Spinning Into Butter, a movie where no one is spun into butter.

Enver opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Spinning Into Butter, a movie where no one is spun into butter.

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