Paper Trumpets #1: Strange Horizon


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Notes on this collage:

  • The background is from a 1949 songbook of inspirational songs. I’ve made other collages with other songs from this book. I like the way they add some elegance to the collage as a whole. The mysterious beauty of musical notes. The two women are taken from Collier’s Magazines from the 1950s.
  • I really like the word “elegant” when describing certain collage works.
  • I love combining precise cuts (tiny scissors help!) with the tactile look of an image hand-torn.
  • Happy accident: The lyric “stray and turn a-way” as the woman looks away.
  • Soundtrack for the making of this collage and column provided by Fiery Furnaces followed by The Finches on my iTunes.
  • Discovering collage art has been a revelation for me this year. I literally started looking at and doing collage art right at the beginning of January, so I’m still learning about it. I’ve made over seventy collages so far. Paper Trumpets is a venue for me to share my own developing work and also to share my enthusiasm for the process of the art form and the growing community of awesome collagists out there all over the world.
  • I search for collage artists on the Internet like some people look for porn. Each edition of Paper Trumpets will include a link to someone else’s contemporary work who I think is exciting and wonderful. This week it’s Jay Riggio, a Brooklyn-based collagist. I love that his collages feel like they can’t be contained. They swerve and tilt and provoke with a beauty (and elegance!) that is in-your-face. He recently made a chapbook (now sold out) of fourteen collages that he created in February while traveling to Texas in an Airstream.


Check in every other week for new collages, notes, and links here at “Paper Trumpets.”

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