Paper Trumpets #2: Little Martyr Big Victory


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Notes on this collage: 

  • This collage features images exclusively from advertisements out of Life Magazines of the 50s and 60s. The words are also from old magazines, as opposed to more recent newspapers, which is usually where I get my text.
  • Volkswagen Bugs make good faces, even though this one looks kind of angry (it’s from 1962). As I was putting it together, I liked how the girl’s smile offset it (as she sticks her hand in the flame).
  • It’s funny to think that the girl here is probably in her seventies now.
  • I like combining joyful images with something dangerous or mysterious (I’m not sure about the reptile tail but I like how it adds a balance to it all).
  • Soundtrack for making this collage provided by Missing Persons and Sleigh Bells.
  • This episode’s special link is to Ivana Milovanovic AKA Sarah Key, a Serbian collage artist, whose work takes vintage images (often featuring women) and blends them strangely and seamlessly into exotic scenery. In an interview with Never Lazy Magazine, she says, “Surrealism, psychology, the human body, and emotions are themes that always inspire me.”
  • In book news, I received a copy of Philatelic Atrocities, a small chapbook by Niko Courtelis, in the mail. It contains sixteen collages where he splices together old stamps from various countries. It’s an odd beauty. Take a peek at it here.


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