Adam by Ariel Schrag

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1_title card_adam 2_ariel_vocab of adult queerness 3_ariel_twice baked 4_ariel_climbing the tree 5_socially adrift 6_inside voice outside voice_granular rites 7_geysers of barf_doo me 8_im involved_me_bug 9_ariel_weight of contempt 10_ariel_multi sympathy 11_ariel_period piece 12_pure filth_we II must love 13_ariel_duh two k 14_ariel_factionalism 15_ariel_integration 16_ariel_note on cool 17_ariel_trans adam 18_ariel_most lovable form 19_ariel_chillest person on the earth 20_ariel_imprisoned in comic 21_ariel_interpreter of passages 22_nightwirst


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Sara Lautman is a cartoonist and illustrator. Her drawings and essays have appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, The Awl, Bitch Magazine, The Morning News and elsewhere. She lives in Baltimore. More from this author →