The Rumpus Weekly Review of Books


In her review of Women In Clothes, Anisse Gross wonderfully intertwines her own personal history with the introspection of other women—both writers and non-writers—on their fashion philosophies.

Haruki Marukami’s Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage follows a lonely train engineer who is on a desperate quest to find out why his friends from high school abandoned him. Jonathan Russell Clark takes serious issue with the book’s depiction of its female characters.

Carl Adamshick’s collection of meandering poems is intended to evoke the emotions of the human condition. Matthew Daddona delivers a philosophical interpretation of Saint Friend.

An unusual poetry collection from Stefania Heim highlights Gertrude Stein, circumspection, and desire. Sean Singer warmly shares his reading experience.

Julie Schumacher’s Dear Committee Members introduces Jay Fitger, “a somewhat endearing jackass” professor who is struggling hilariously at the end of a long academic career. Amy Letter empathizes in her review.

And in Rumpus interviews, Ashley Perez speaks with Jane Roseberg LaForge on her recently released hybrid novel, An Unsuitable Princess.

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