The Rumpus Weekly Review of Books


A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing, recent winner of the 2014 Bailey’s Prize for Women’s Fiction and the 2013 Goldsmiths Prize, isn’t your typical coming-of-age story. According to Marthine Satris’s enlightening review, “it’s not about the girl becoming a woman on her own, but about the family and her reaction to them.”

Baltimore is the center of Jess Row’s slightly futuristic world, where people can easily change their race through a new medical procedure. Kim Fu reviews Your Face in Mine.

He’s a French and Creole translator, long-time North Beach resident, and former literature professor at UCLA. Jack Hirschman’s latest book of poems is as exciting and eclectic as one might suspect. James Dunagan’s review is equally enticing.

Heather Partington reviews Jen Michalski’s new collection of stories, From Here, which contrasts the emotional characteristics of adulthood and childhood.

And in Rumpus Interviews, Joshua Mohr chats with Sean Michaels about music, relationships, meta-fiction, and of course, his debut novel, Us Conductors.

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