The Rumpus Weekly Review of Books


The small town of Mercury, Pennsylvania imposes silence on sexually molested girls in Amy Jo Burns’s debut memoir, Cinderland. Graham Oliver offers a thoughtful review.

“Searing,” “dislocating,” and “necessary” are three words that describe The Book of Gaza, edited by Atef Abu Saif, in Jacob Bacharach’s moving review.

Lois Bassen delivers an analysis and brief history lesson on the life of Israel Horovitz and his new collection of poems, Heaven and Other Poems.

Ian McEwan has a weak spot for characters who have a weak spot for words, according to Kaya Genç’s review of The Children Act.

And in Rumpus Interviews, Soniah Kamal chats with author Nayomi Manuweera about Island of a Thousand Mirrors and having patience in publishing.

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