Weekend Rumpus Roundup


First, what if your Christmas tree ornaments could tweet.

Then, in the Saturday film review of Wildthe film adaptation of Dear Sugar columnist Cheryl Strayed’s eponymous novel—Kenny Ng praises Strayed’s “realness” and “punk aesthetic” while tempering expectations for the film. The author’s life-changing solo hike across 1,100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail is rendered with special attention to visual detail on screen, to “the vastness and the dryness, the whiteness and the wilderness, of being out on the PCT.”

And lastly, Sonya Huber eloquently describes the nature of physical pain in the Sunday Essay. “I was a silverware drawer in a mess, a tangled wind chime,” she writes. After a divorce, single motherhood, and a mysterious infection, Huber notices a bodily discomfort that intensifies over time. The pain of rheumatoid disease is a “hooded cape that had descended, heavy like wet wool.” Though torturous, the pain opens her eyes to the terrible and portentous beauty all around us.

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