Make/Work Episode 27: Saul Melman


In episode 27 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain speaks with emergency room physician and visual artist Saul Melman. At the time of recording, Melman had just completed an artist residency in Joshua Tree, during which he had built a massive camera obscura out of a shipping container for a series of performative abstract photos. Melman’s work is currently on display at MoMA PS1 in New York (Central Governor, pictured below), and will be shown at Anna Marra Contemporanea in Rome in 2015.

Melman speaks with Scott about ephemeral relationships, the parallels between creative practice and caregiving, and how to reconcile your identity as both a doctor and an artist.

“For some reason my advice as a physician is more valuable than my advice as an artist.”

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Every creative laborer has a different story to tell about how they negotiate their relationship between their creative work and their paycheck and how they balance their lives to sustain their creative practice. In Make/Work, Scott will speak with emerging and established artists working in a wide range of creative mediums about how they survive, how they make a living, and how they maintain their work over the long term. New episodes will be released every other Thursday.

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