13th Floor Elevators Reunited for First Show in 47 Years


The 13th Floor Elevators are one of those groups that seem to perfectly articulate their genre; a psychedelic band that disbanded in 1969 but whose records have a place in the core catalog of any kid trying to get to know that decade today. If you haven’t happened upon them yet yourself, suffice it to say, the Elevators are one of those bands that keep coming up (like here and here), and rightfully so. Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, John Ike Walton, and Ronnie Leatherman performed together for the first time in forty-seven years at Austin’s Levitation Festival last weekend, playing songs spanning the band’s discography, and making just about everyone cross their fingers and wish the reunion wasn’t only a one-time thing. Watch the full performance after the jump, and you’ll see what we mean.

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