Make/Work Episode 34: Joy Castro


In Episode 34 of Make/Work, host Scott Pinkmountain speaks to Joy Castro. Castro works in memoir, nonfiction, both literary and so-called commercial fiction, and poetry. And she’ll also be directing the Institute for Ethnic Studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln this fall.

Castro speaks about her somewhat unorthodox writing process, the course of her career, the distinctions (real or false) between literary and commercial fiction, and whether or not she’d feel comfortable leaving her child with the “slutty drunken” narrator of her crime thrillers.

One time I had a book about a girl who went to college and my mother took the book away. She didn’t even want me imagining going to college.


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Every creative laborer has a different story to tell about how they negotiate their relationship between their creative work and their paycheck and how they balance their lives to sustain their creative practice. In Make/Work, Scott will speak with emerging and established artists working in a wide range of creative mediums about how they survive, how they make a living, and how they maintain their work over the long term. New episodes will be released the third Thursday of every month.

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