This Week in Posivibes: Destroy All Art


This compilation of 90s DIY punk put out by Rock N’ Roll Parasite is the kind of well-curated survey of a time that we hope all comps will be. The bands on the record aren’t the ones you might think were your underground favorites, to the extent that you might find yourself wondering how good they can be if you hadn’t already heard at least something about them. But that being said, the record kills in that each of the tracks will surprise you into a manic search for each band’s discography, showing you that maybe you don’t know as much as you’d like about this vibrant scene. Still Single praises Destroy All Art for its representation of the DIY community, along with the simple quality of what’s on the record:

Nearly every type of punk band from the era is represented: jokey Queers-style goof-offs, female-led glass-gargling hate bombs, garage/surf lineage, ’77 style reproductions, flea-bitten squat/drunk punk, lo-fi pounders, political rants, Fumes-style accelerators, itchy post-punk brawlers, arty Twinkeys/Simply Saucer style weirdness, and several points in between. My favorites here are I’m Gonna Stab You, who come across like a beach party Halo Of Flies, and German mod teenagers Speed, whose offering “Speed” throws the record far enough off-kilter, with a fairly polite rant about loving drugs and dancing, that you won’t forget it. The whole comp is excellent, though, and if you see it, grab it.

Of course, the original pressing sold out in exactly ten minutes, so now we’re all waiting for the second pressing, along with a volume two that the people over at Rock N’ Roll Parasite have promised following the success of the first. But trust us, this is the kind of thing you keep your eyes open for, because you don’t want to miss the second run when it inevitably sells out, too.

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