Can’t Escape “Show Me Love”


If you’ve been thinking that there’s a subtly pervasive 90s house vibe running through today’s music, you might have Sten “Stonebridge” Hallström to thank for it. The man behind the remix of Robin S’s soul track “Show Me Love” helped define what it meant to create a club remix (not to mention what it now means to dance on a nostalgia-fueled cruise). According to a piece in the Guardian, you can trace elements of his version of “Show Me Love” through a surprising number of successful acts today:

Two decades on, the sound of 90s house in its various guises—from the slick American variety of house released by labels like New York’s Strictly Rhythm to the rougher, bassier UK sound initially dubbed “speed garage”, by way of the poppier variant on the form once dismissed as handbag—appears to have become one of the driving forces of pop. It has infected everything from the music of this year’s BBC Sound of … poll winners Years and Years to the single released by X Factor contestant Karen Harding.

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